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"You don't have to do this"

A father's message to his daughter on her wedding day:

It had been raining since 5am and was still raining at 5pm. I had been ready for over an hour (in typical me fashion). As we waited for the clock to tick by to our departure time, dad put his hand on my shoulder and said, “You don’t have to do this you know?” I just stared at him.

Why would he say that? I couldn’t answer. It seemed like such a weird thing to say at this time. Could we postpone it for a week and hope for better weather? Or was he talking about forever? Not a good time to think about an answer. We continued waiting.

It was finally time to leave. We drove across the Roseville Bridge, the rain was so heavy on the windscreen, the wipers were working at extra speed. Dad was sitting with me in the back seat holding my hand so tight that it felt like my blood supply had stopped. ‘Is the rain ever going to stop?’ I thought. Lee (my bridesmaid) turned and leaned over from the front seat, she knew how I was feeling about this rain. I could see my disappointment reflected in her eyes.

As we crossed the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge, the sun came out, the rain stopped and it was stunning. I quickly called the venue from the car’s mobile and said, “Lets have the wedding in the gardens, please move all the people.” “Too late” came the reply - everyone is here, ready and waiting.

My heart sank, my dream of a garden wedding was gone! The wedding was lovely, we exchanged our vows on the veranda of The Restaurant on the Park where we also had the reception.

We had beautiful photos taken at the Art Gallery and in the Royal Botanical Gardens. There were no people around due to the entire day of rain. The evening went so fast. I don’t remember eating. I know I did some dancing because we have the photos.

Before I knew it I was back in the wedding car waving goodbye and being taken to our hotel. We were both exhausted and there was no thought of any ‘special’ love making that night. I was anxious to know where I was going for our honeymoon, as that had been up to Dan to organise everything and surprise me.

Dan took me to Noosa for our honeymoon. I remember boarding a plane to Maroochydore and thinking - where the hell is that? Not knowing it was just down the road from one of the most spectacular places in Australia.

We had a sex filled honeymoon, just like most newly wed couples, I would imagine. Dan was very romantic when he wanted sex. I was learning fast - very fast.

FAST FORWARD TO NOW : But what had Dad meant when he said I didn't have to do this??? Yeah, you guessed it, the marriage didn't last, Dan cheated, I was heartbroken, and learned life lessons faster than I'd ever done before... learning to trust my intuition... and wrote a book... best therapy EVER! highly recommended.

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