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Plein Air Monet Style

Private Bookings

All materials are provided, you'll have everything you need.

We set up, pack up and clean up for you and your guests.

Booking a private Art Experience is simple. Contact us and let's have some serious fun!  Your Experience will be specific to your group and their requirements... Great for get-aways, birthdays, workshops, team building and more.   So let's embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration of your artistic side. 

We do not offer a follow-along art classes (unless specifically requested). Instead, you have the freedom to work at your own pace and create what feels right for you. All materials are provided, and we take care of the setup, pack-up, and cleanup.


Here's some ideas to choose from: 

Design Your Own - if you have an idea in mind, let's give it a try...  or there is:

  • Themed Art is where we choose a theme and all paint something similar (but different) eg. botanicals, swimming ladies, French, portraits, etc... 

  • Finger Painting is a popular option, where you get one or more fingers into the paint and let loose on your creation.

  • Abstract Art is where we really enjoy the therapeutic process of letting go and forgetting perfectionism. 

  • Artist Inspired when we get our inspiration from a current artist, eg. Iris Scott (finger painting), Frida Kahlo (self portraits), Monet, Picasso, etc.

  • Palette Knife Art - with no brushes in site... you'll get creative with all angles of the palette knife.

  • Paint Each Other's Portraits - realistic or abstract options.

  • Still Life - choose from flower vases, teapots... 

  • Vision Boards - spend hours creating a manifestation board for your future.


... and so much more.  

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