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REPORT CARD - Day 15 Home School

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Day 15 of home school. Day 38 of self-isolation.

Students(17)&(15) were LATE again!!!!

Teachermum was in a staff meeting and those pesky students slept in! Detention was issued for afterschool today. Students remained after school bell to write lines "I must be on time for school"...

Student(15) continued on with Home-eck assignment of meal costings... Teachermum assisted with speed typing to get through quicker than what appeared to be a life-time of slow-paced two fingers typing... Teachermum just helping out!

Student(15) found mojo and made music video of lego folks for 'some' subject. Teachermum needs to pay more attention, me thinks!

Student(17) revised art assignment (draft) written last term was returned for updates and corrections... work accomplished from horizontal position, showing much talent!

Weather was cold and raining, students spent 40 minutes in detention then sent home to start fire and keep warm. Another busy day tomorrow, then the weekend! YEH! Must teach typing class asap.


End of Day REPORT: C

Teachermum - glad to hear the end of day bell ring!

Student(17) - been a bit quiet today, head down on that pillow too much

Student (15) - held the team strong with ticking off many tasks, well done.

Springett School - Reporting in on the COVID-19 - Home schooling teens during isolation days.

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