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REPORT CARD - Day 11 Home School

Day 11 of home school. Did you miss Day 10's report... Teachermum was on strike.

The weekend saw beautiful weather for outdoor activities and the school grounds underwent maintenance day. Lawns mowed, new seeds planted, basketball/netball hoop repositioned in school yard, outdoor lunches were enjoyed. A taste of upcoming holidays was in the air.

Day 10, Student17 got stuck into Yr12 major artwork and the first of four art boards were started. Student15 challenged with a Home-Ec (cooking) class assignment about food industry and it's impact on the economy. Teachermum assisted Student15 and together they came up with notable result.

Mid afternoon a curveball was thrown into the baseball game (of life) and 24 hours were needed 'out' of this crazy game.

Day 11, saw a slow pace and Students(17)&(15) focused on 3pm Thursday when holidays start and Teachermum reverts to Holidaymum. Secretly Teachermum is looking forward to this break too.

So to sum up both days, it has been a whirlwind and little work accomplished. Let's hope the next few days see Students(17)&(15) work hard to offset the slack result.

Report on Day 11 school, Day 15 of self isolation and 3 days til School Holidays


End of Day REPORT: C -

Teachermum - is on the emotional rollercoaster of isolation.

Student(17) need to ensure wearing of the correct uniform.

Student(15) feeling chuffed with Home-Ec assignment results.

Springett School - Reporting in on the COVID-19 - Home schooling teens during isolation days.

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