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Thinking of Passing on...

When I exited the Funeral industry last year, it was with a sad heart. My time was up. I had educated many families and helped them through some of their darkest hours. I experienced many different kinds of funerals, nationalities and customs. Farewell funerals to increased number of the young and those 'not ready to go' was enough for me to take some time out. So I'm passing on my tips to you so you know these things before you are faced with having to arrange a funeral for a loved one ...

Don't have a funeral! What? Everyone has a funeral, right? Wrong! It's becoming more and more popular not to have a traditional funeral. Funerals can be sad and difficult for those of us left behind. Many people are opting to have a 'celebration of life'... a less formal gathering, a party, or a BBQ whilst their loved one is there with them in spirit.

A traditional funeral can be rushed and impersonal. This might be exactly what you want, but if not, then read on...

I'm choosing a celebration party... to celebrate the wonderful life I've had the opportunity to surround my family and friends with things I love... great music, photos of adventures, favourite colours and all my favourite foods... and have participation of stories shared.

Or what about a scattering... enjoy a picnic on the side of the river/beach (permits may be required) where your ashes (cremains) are scattered in remembrance of you...

There are more and more alternatives than the traditional Funeral Homes. I trust you will seek them out and have a think, have a conversation... it's OK to talk about your end of life plans...

The other consideration is the environment. Please resist the urge to release balloons (not even the bio-degradable brands). These do massive damage to our land life and sea life. Consider more friendly options like bubble blowers, light a candle, float a flower or plant a tree.

You will still need a coffin though. Both burial and cremation requires you to arrive in a coffin that is plastic lined... You can opt for a cheap particle-board/MDF coffin that is super cost effective if its not going to be on display.

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