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Slow down the Funeral Process

When I exited the Funeral industry last year, it was with a sad heart. My time was up. I had educated many families and helped them through some of their darkest hours. I experienced many different kinds of funerals, nationalities and customs. Farewell funerals to increased number of the young and those 'not ready to go' was enough for me to take some time out. So I'm passing on my tips to you so you know these things before you are faced with having to arrange a funeral for a loved one ...

It can come as a shock, when a loved one passes, just how much you do and don't know about the upcoming process in front of you. Whether you are expecting the passing or not, there is a lot to learn and understand about what's ahead for you and your loved one. Having a Funeral Director that you trust is vital to how the hours, days and weeks are that follow...

Firstly its the transfer of the loved one from home/hospital to the Funeral Home morgue. Then comes the decisions around what your loved one would have wanted. When faced with many decisions too early this can cause wrong decisions to be made, as when you have time to think about them, you'll make the right decisions.

So I share a little further about what happens when you do pass... I know that when a loved one passes on, it can be lack of knowledge as to what to do first... I always suggest to spend time with loved one if you feel you need to. It really depends on where loved one has passed, depends on what you will need to do first.

At home: the first thing to do is reach for an prearrangements/important documents or reach for the phone book or search the internet to find the local Funeral Home. A company that looks nice and respectful to take care of our loved one. Then we call them to collect loved one from where they have passed and will care for them at the Funeral Home's morgue. A Funeral Director will be calling you shortly afterwards to make arrangement to visit with you, or you with them. Don't rush, take as much time as you need to... making decisions the day of or the day after someone passes is a lot of pressure and one that can wait a few days. You can change your mind. You can change Funeral Homes if you wish to. Advise the new Funeral Home of your wishes. MythBuster: you do not have to have a funeral within three days of someone passing.

Hospital: If loved one passes in the hospital, they go directly to the hospital morgue. It will be up to you to chose a Funeral Home if not already decided and the Funeral Directors of that Funeral Home will come to the Hospital to collect your loved one to take them into their care. You will then meet with Funeral Director to make necessary arrangements.

Nursing Home: These days when loved one are welcomed at a Nursing Home you need to provide details of a chosen Funeral Home. When loved one passes, that Funeral Home is called and Funeral Directors will transfer loved one to their morgue.

Outdoor: And lastly, if loved one passes in an accident outside of home/hospital/nursing home, the Funeral Home (under police contract) will be contacted by the local police and your loved one will be transferred to Hospital morgue.

I really hope this helps... as having the knowledge helps in times of deepest grief.

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