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REPORT CARD - Day 2 Home School

Teachermum let the side down today with late start on the job. After staying up to watch the latest COVID19 update from Mister Prime Minister. There was lots of busy brain when you take that information to bed, and in the wee hours of the morning Teachermum was worried. Teachermum spiralled out of her positive vibe. She knew she needed to find her mojo, so she meditated, not to be confused with medicated!

After negotiations with Students(17)&(15) school started of 10:30am, unnecessary devices removed. Students went straight to work. Students both received email messages from teachers of what was required of them… Teachermum found time to do a magazine layout and a quote for a new client. the school was quiet for a period of 30minutes!

At Midday, excitement rose as Teachermum promised an Excursion! Both Students(17)&(15) regrettably forgot their permission notes, they insisted that their dad had definitely signed the said notes but had taken them with him to his workplace… so in good faith off we set.

Teachermum and Students exited the school via the laundry and made our way passed the lemon tree and the bee hives to finally arrive at the vegetable patch. This is where the search for caterpillars took place and a tasting all recognised herbs. Education was at its finest... Teachermum revealed a mint plant that needed to put into a garden pot, so we took turns at digging the necessary hole. Teachermum shared her gardening skills today in the ol’ skills class. Student(17) even handled a worm.

No vitamin D today, sunshine made no appearance but as rain fell scampering was done to get clothes off the line.

After such a strenuous excursion, lunch was enjoyed, toastie open grill sandwiches - such a treat. Student(17) cut fresh apple slices for everyone.

Students bunkered down again for another 90min stint, then Student (15) decided enough was enough at 2:50pm, and wagged school for the last ten minutes. While Student (17) has been on Facetime with friend whilst (hopefully) working on Maths assessment together, due Friday via online submission.

So fair enough to say day two was a lot more organised (and relaxed) than day one. Teachermum disappeared at 3pm to have speedy nanna-nap before hosing down husband (from possible virus) on his return from work and then find something to cook for family dinner.


End of Day REPORT: B+

Teachermum tired.

Student(17) has picked up her game and appeared to work hours at a time.

Student(15) continues to shows strong commitment but will need to make up for wagging last 10mins.

Bring on the day when all can resume to (what will be) the ‘new’ normal…

Springett School - Reporting in on the COVID-19 - Home schooling teens during isolation days

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