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REPORT CARD - Day 9 Home School

Day 9 of home school. Did you miss Day 8's report... yes so did Teachermum. This new routine/no routine had thrown things into disarray.

Day 8 saw Student(15) receive the next assignment in the science curriculum - the 'female reproductive system' to be coloured by numbers. Few giggles were had and proof was required at evening dinner table that this really was school work.

Many discussion had around Student(17) and HSC year. What will end of year hold? What will be exam/non-exam look like? When will we have the answers? Teachermum took hold and suggested we not stress out before all information is received.

After news came that Springett School may need to stay open for entire second term, news was passed on to Students(17)&(15) late that evening. Both a tad shocked, realised that it was what it was and calmly accepted. No stress or anxiety at this stage. (not sure same can be said about Teachermum).

Day 9, Teachermum was on excursion mode. After 11 days of isolation and students not leaving school for any reason, Teachermum took Students(17)&(15) for a 30 minute walk on the local beach. Accompanied by two school mascots, everyone had fun in the sun and returned to school with sandy feet!

Our ol' skills class today, along with the sunshine, bought an opportunity to get out into the vegie garden and survey the sloggy ground. Discovered weird bugs attaching themselves to garden fixtures and before squashing them went in search of answers. It turned out that they're not bad bugs - but are (wait for it) Ladybug larvae. High-fives of excitement was had across the school yard. Our little school were farming Ladybugs!

So that's a wrap for second week. Teachermum is in search of a good cocktail and gone to splash on a frock for a zoom party with other teachermums in her town... til next week - relax, stay safe, stay home.


End of Day REPORT: B +

Teachermum - escaped the classroom for most of the day.

Student(17) powered through work and achieved oodles with lunch (2min) noodles.

Student(15) highlighted good points around the new schooling system.

Springett School - Reporting in on the COVID-19 - Home schooling teens during isolation days

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