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REPORT CARD - Day 7 Home School

Teachermum got called away from classroom this morning to do 'project work and teacher training' on day seven of home school... day nine of iso!

Students(17)&(15) remained in classrooms under 'no' supervision. Both busy with classroom video conferencing, assignments and Student(15) had exam online!

Times are changing and at-school haircuts just became a thing! Yep. Today's ol' skills lesson saw Teachermum give Student(15) a Mohawk while Student(17) took notes. Hoping the phase passes and hair grows fast! Please note that any teasing and bullying will not be tolerated!

Rain fell consistently today from sunrise to sunset and made for an 'indoor' day... no vitamin D received today... Teachermum spoilt students with an 'essential' pie from the local bakery for lunch and homemade fruit salad for avo tea.

So was a quiet day all round. No students sent to the principals office, or detentions awarded.

As we run down to the Easter holidays students are getting excited to have a break from school work... Teachermum however is concerned they will be become even more unproductive and wonder if other teachers will issue work for them over this time for them to 'catch up'... hmmm


End of Day REPORT: B

Teachermum - escaped the classroom for most of the day.

Student(17) had a 'lazy' day and worked from horizontal work place. Needs to start on major artwork soon.

Student(15) has exercised, played nicely with friends (online) and been polite to all fellow co-workers.

Springett School - Reporting in on the COVID-19 - Home schooling teens during isolation days

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