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REPORT CARD - Day 6 Home School

So day six of home school... day eight of iso!

Teachermum is now talkin' da slang to communi-ca-to with the teens! yeah!


NO! that's bullshit! Students(17)&(15) have been spoken to in grand English words like; reverence, endearing and worshipped. All the beautiful words that Teachermum wishes for students to speak of about Teachermum... LOL!

So, Teachermum dropped the ball completely today, there had been no removal of devices, no ol' Skills class (yet) and she'd been busy! There was school laundry that needed attending, as well as serious Teacher work and calls made!

Teachermum left Students(17)&(15) to own their agenda... and "how did that go" I hear you ask - well - not so great.

One student has been printing out A4 sheets with a colour-by-number picture of the male reproductive system (yes the p.e.n.i.s) and said it was actually a "science assignment"! Teachermum just shook head!

Other student has written half an English essay... on somethin' poet related....

Both Students(17)&(15) did miss ol' skills lesson today with Student(17) picking up crochet hook in lunch break to practice some more! Teachermum was impressed.

So you see folks, although there was a time when Teachermum thought being a teacher would be awesome, she totally sucks at it! Teachermum did have work to do, so Teachermum needs to be a little kinder to self.

Teachermum and students did ward off incoming stranger (grandparent) delivering eggs. Eggs were confiscated and stranger left without a kiss and cuddle. :(

Teachermum hopes that tomorrow will be a glorious hump day and therefore bring a change in attitude as well as an end of procrastination and see progress!


End of Day REPORT: C +

Teachermum - felt like failed.

Student(17) says it's been a productive day.

Student(15) really does want you to know it was a Science assignment.

Springett School - Reporting in on the COVID-19 - Home schooling teens during isolation days

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