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REPORT CARD - Day 5 Home School

The weekend saw Teachermum, workHubby and Students all bundled into the close confines of Schoolhouse - for the whole weekend. WorkHubby worked his usual Saturday morning, while Teachermum and Students(17)&(15) enjoyed cleaning and vacuuming schoolhouse. It was unusual for all to be in schoolhouse, usually one (or both) of the students would be out earning money. Both student's part-time jobs are on hold.

Over the two days Students(17)&(15) learnt more life skills as cars were washed, lawns were mowed. Student(17) was a bit sulky (having to do so much) and took advantage of having own wheels and drove off... Later that evening Teachermum and workHubby addressed the attitude and conversed around how the behaviour of all schoolhouse members needed extra-tolerant to be at this time.

Mondayitis was upon us today. The feeling of school work needing to be completed and holidays just around the corner was why students were sluggish. The novelty of home schooling has kicked in sooner than Teachermum was expecting. Now some procrastination lessons were on the list. Teachermum considering street-marching to empower students to be more disciplined. and... Left, right, left, right, left!!!

Student(17) completed part of an assignment whilst listening to opera music. Student(15) was extremely rebellious today and did not settle into his school day at all. Student(15) did however complete a online class with old classmates all whilst devising a plan on how one could cheat on an upcoming test! Yes, the punishment needs to be harsh! - How about learning to crochet...

Ol' skill class today WAS crocheting. And had the desired punishment effect - it didn't take Student(15) long to 'spit the dummy' and huff off. So Teachermum shared her wisdom around perseverance and how giving up before even tying was not helping to learn or achieve new skills. Student(15) returned to class and tried again and did manage an entire row of the grannie-square. Student(17) enjoyed the class and suggested that she and Teachermum do more crochet together that coming evening (ahhh).

Teachermum is finding the going challenging. Trying to keep the schoolhouse in order whilst keeping moral high and supporting those Students who just want to go out to the local park that's now closed.

The battle is to be won... we will fight on!


End of Day REPORT: C -

Teachermum wishing it was still the weekend.

Student(17) continues to combine school work, music whilst messaging friends.

Student(15) let the class down today with his lack of focus.

Springett School - Reporting in on the COVID-19 - Home schooling teens during isolation days

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