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REPORT CARD - Day 3 Home School

WOW - Day 3 or was it 33?

Teachermum took her own advice last night an didn't get caught up in the late night "breaking" 'news update'. A good sleep was had and re-energised for the day.

Springett School commenced late for some than others!!! Teachermum issued detention to late student. Rules were re-inforced; dressed and ready for school by 9:30am, and it's fair to say that schedule has gone to garbage and teenage Students(17)&(15) are improving their self pacing. Thank goodness for that!

Student(17) continued work on maths assessment and joined video conferencing call with math teacher and fellow students. This actioned Student(17) out of pyjamas. Everyone online appeared in fine spirits and delighted to see each other onscreen. No pyjamas worn.

Student(15) received (what seems like) fifteen emails from each relevant subject teacher (they must be getting used to new systems their end too) and therefore enough school work to keep him off the streets! Student(15) feels he has more to do at home-school than physical-school and wishes to return.

In ol' skills class today Teachermum cut up coloured paper to make substitute money before (being receiving tip) that Monopoly money would would for my upcoming class. (Thanks Teachermum friend Gail)... Discussions around expenses of life and what would be outgoing expenses and asked to consider different scenarios when they depart home to live in big world.

Teachermum excited by the level of enthusiasm shown by both Students(17)&(15). Tomorrow students requested to come to ol' skills class with who'd they will represent; single/couple, renting alone/sharing, personal loans etc...

The afternoon went to shit! Students found their own way through.

Teachermum sent out new-client proposal (finally) and 3:00pm approached far too quickly. Both Students(17)&(15) felt they achieved quite a bit, which is good. Student(15) snuck out to park to shoot a few baskets and found sufficient vitamin D.

Teachermum looking forward to workingHubby coming home with whatever found from supermarket... 'pray people pray' that workingHubby is successful today!

___________________________________________ End of Day REPORT: B- Teachermum settling in to having people home all day. Student(17) hasn't left room, needs to play outdoors with friends (dogs). Student(15) made up for truanting yesterday and is back on track. Bring on the day when all can resume to (what will be) the ‘new’ normal… Springett School - Reporting in on the COVID-19 - Home schooling teens during isolation days

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