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Parenting and Technology

This is a tough subject to tackle.

Being mother of two teenagers, who are as addicted to their devices as I am, it's a challenge to get them to hear me first time I ask a question and sometimes I am frustrated by having to repeat myself more than twice!

In a society where we carry all our information, phone, contacts, calendar, camera, encyclopedia, etc in our hands, NO Wonder we are all addicted. We don't have tips from our parents or grandparents. Most of us are just making it up as we go along and I believe we are doing it the best we know how.

We have a simple policy in our home, no devices in bedrooms, and turn all technology off after 8pm (except me).

Oh, why me you ask??? Well I use my phone for meditation before bedtime and in the middle of the night when insomnia (of the menopause variety) kicks in! Ok it's no excuse, and my addiction is as strong.

But really - is it all bad. I think not. Yes I hate the heat that the little buggers (phones, not the children) subject us to and that they are not helping in face-to-face communication with one another, but we'll battle on, to do what we can to make a path through this new parenting routine.

Any tips, muchly appreciated.

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