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Your Expressive Art Experience

Art by Palette Knive

Connecting Your Creativity

Your Expressive Art Experience will be a
fun art experience! 


As Art is a primary way of expression - we are all artists and at an Expressive Art Experience we'll stretch you outside your comfort zone and into the world of your creativity... so it becomes a journey of self and discovery of soul. 

You may be challenged with the tools you can use, the number of colours available or the topic chosen as each experience is bespoke to you and your group!​ 

EVERYONE benefits from Expressive Art and please know that NO artistic skill is required, simply come along and have a go.

Where we all create something different - and it's extremely therapeutic!

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Introducing Michelle Springett your

Expressive Art Facilitator

Michelle brings some serious fun and makes your experience as light hearted or as serious as you'd like. Michelle's background in graphic design, funeral directing, life coaching and art therapy has lead her to know that Expressive Art is beneficial on all levels.  Her goal is to share an Art Experience with you to connect you back to your creativity. Michelle and her team will guide and assist you towards a masterpiece that you will be proud of.

This is not a follow along art class (unless requested). 

All materials provided, set up, pack up and clean up all included.

All Experiences are based on Art as a therapy, where you connect with your heart space and paint what you need and what you feel. 

We come to you, OR book in to one of the many events Michelle hosts.

Each event is bespoke to your requirements whether it be:

Pop Up Creative Workshop

Girls Night Out

Paint 'n' Sip

Birthday Party

Community Event

Weekend Retreat

Team Building 

Art Party / Art Class

Hen's Party

Lazy Art Afternoon

Plein Air Experiences

What a great evening... 

You're an awesome teacher Michelle, very inspirational and motivating.  The whole experience was just awesome.


Girls Night Out
Paint 'n' Sip
Weekend Retreats
Birthday Parties
Team Building
Community Events
Social Groups


As a pop-up Art option we come to you; your home, holiday house, community centre or we can use a number of beautiful locations around our towns.

You are welcome to come to the Expressive Art Experience studio in Kiama Downs
 or we can hire a space that is suitable for your group... or come to an event that we are hosting.  We even offer En plein air (open air/outdoor) Art Experience (back up venue always booked).

Illawarra . Wollongong . Nowra . Gerringong . Sydney (will travel, just ask)

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How to design your bespoke Experience

Let's have some serious fun!  The benefits are impactful. Your Experience can be : 

  • Freestyle where you paint whatever you like... You'll have some sample/ideas to inspire you to creating your masterpiece. 

  • Finger Painting is a popular option, where you get one or more fingers into the paint and let loose on your creation.

  • Abstract Art is where we really enjoy the therapeutic process of letting go and forgetting perfectionism. 

  • Artist Inspired when we get our inspiration from a current artist, eg. Iris Scott (finger painting), Frida Kahlo (self portraits) etc.

  • Palette Knife Art - where there is no brushes in site... and you have to get creative with all angles of the knife.

  • Puzzle Pieces where the group's art fits together by limited colours, design or a particular theme.

  • Paint Each Other - either realistic or abstract options.

  • Artist Inspired - we briefly observe an artist style and then have a go at a Monet, Picasso, etc.

  • Vision Boards - spend hours cutting and pasting to create a manifestation board for your mind.

  • Design Your Own - if you have an idea in mind, let's give it a try... 

Great for get-aways, birthdays, workshops, team building and more. 


Are you ready?

Let's get your experience started... 

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Where we all paint something different

You made art so much fun... 

You made Art fun Michelle... tapped into my creative side.  Lovely relaxed venue and fellow 'artists' were warm and encouraging. Thank you.


More Testimonials

Thank you

Thank you Michelle for giving my girl an amazing day, she feels so calm and still on a high.  Words cannot express my gratitude to you. Truly apprecite it.   Nicole


Where we can paint each other

Expressive Art Experience - changing lives, one canvas at a time! 

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Let's get your Expressive Art Experience started!

Where we all create something different...

Very nurturing and supportive... 

This class was very nurturing, supportive and gentle. It was a very positive environment and you felt great being there.


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