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Michelle is passionate about creativity, living fully, self discovery and connection
Work with Michelle

We start with developing a safe space for you to enter in, or continue on, a journey of self-discovery.

Michelle journeys alongside you, focussing on strengthening meaning, expanding perspective, and developing a connection to your soul and purpose. 

Art therapy can benefit all ages, genders, cultural backgrounds and socio-economic circumstances. The insights, growth, healing and learning is tailored to your individual needs. The therapeutic process begins from where you are at and will be guided by you, as Michelle facilitates the discovery process.

There are many other reasons why people want to explore art therapy.  Expressive Art Therapy can also benefit those experiencing a range of mental, emotional and physical illnesses, disorders, addiction, trauma, grief and loss.

Expressive Art Individual Sessions

To explore your inner world, gain insight and increase your ability to create the life you want.


Identify and address areas of your life, helping to explore and uncover your strengths and better understand specific areas you want to improve.  Michelle will help you uncover your own answers, guide you toward your own solutions, and hold you accountable for taking action. 


Expressive Art Therapy Group Workshops

Michelle will work together with your work place, family or a group of friends to enjoy the benefits that Expressive Art activities can bring to our lives. Whether it's a workshop, painting group or collage class, speak with Michelle and discuss the many options (based on venue and number of participants).

Professional development workshop that is offered for organisations and companies for their staff and clients to increase connection, creativity and wellbeing within the workplace.  Expressive Art can have amazing results in a group environment helping each participant to appreciate others and their surroundings. 

​Private workshops are tailored to your group, party, birthday, hens night, weekend away, or retreat. Workshops offered are a combination or creative processes to develop a stronger connection with one another in the group, individuals, to have fun, increase well-being and discover your own creative practices to embody your values and increase your well-being.

Accomplishing the following:   

  • Experiencing a safe and supportive environment to explore aspects you may normally keep hidden

  • Working through and healing personal issues and traumas

  • Clarifying concerns or challenges

  • Developing strategies to better cope with anxiety, depression, fear, grief, or loss.

  • Increasing support through life transitions

  • Self expression when you may not be able to describe how you are feeling with words alone: make the invisible visible through external expression

  • Renewed understanding of personal meaning and discovery of inner resources

  • Acceptance of all parts of self and assisting to become whole

  • Connecting with creativity

  • Increasing self esteem, self worth and confidence

  • Developing healthy coping skills

  • Self empowerment, strength and an understanding of personal values when making life decisions

  • Art making engages the whole brain and can stimulate integration of cognitive, feeling and sensory processes

HappySunflower by Michelle Springett FUL
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