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REPORT CARD - Day 4 Home School

Thank God it's FRIDAY !!!!!

Teachermum was up and racing early today. Had to put on MumMum hat and grocery shop the items that workHubby didn't find at the store last night. Teachermum found success! Unlike others, Teachermum and workHubby haven't stocked up on anything for self-'iso' period... There are plenty of lettuce and eggplants in their veggie garden. Teachermum will be trying out many eggplant recipes over coming days and may require students for home-ec class.

So today started well, supermarket success bought joy to all the promise of a delicious lunch.

School commenced with a sluggish morning, however Student(15) finished assignment and received email from English teacher commending efforts put into the work. Student (17) faffed around and enjoyed catching up with friends online, trying to disguise it as work. Student(17) completed some business studies, but Teachermum was not convinced. There was no apparent evidence to produce proof of such.

After lunch Teachermum conducted ol' skill lesson, part 2 of yesterday's money matters. Students(17)&(15) took on the challenge of facing real life circumstances of money transactions. Students learnt that saving some money from every pay packet would help when unexpected times arise (like a Corona Virus)! Teachermum used the money-envelope system. Much fun was had with 'spending money' and no one liked paying rent or bills.

Student(17)&(15) walked out of school mid afternoon claiming to have had enough for the day and complained there were not enough lollies to make them stay. Such bad behaviour will result in punishments being handed out over weekend. Teachermum's car needs washing and school windows look like they could sparkle a lot more!

As Teachermum celebrated that the week was over, it had brought much mixed emotion, uncertainty and much concern all whilst bravely facing her class! No wine was consumed (yet) and two days of down time were welcomed by all.

To other parents at home with school children, Teachermum wishes you all the best and asks that you rest up, there are weeks!!! (cringe) ahead of us...

So it's over and out for this week. Teachermum sets off to plan more ol' skill lessons... Any suggestions welcomed as these Students have no idea how to knit and Teachermum is dreading the opportunity to teach them!


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