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Do you Veggie Garden?

Yes I do... do you?

I must say it is so nice when you are cooking up a storm (which is not often me)... that you can venture down to veggie garden and pick some basil, thyme or coriander.

It's been a big project for hubby as we have small digger dog who made keeping a veggie garden quite difficult after she arrived. Dog no.1 was not a digger so we never had to worry about fencing off the garden. We now have veggie garden behind fencing and it's flourishing...

So the argument is : is it worth growing your own. Hell yes! when you can put one cucumber seed in the ground and grow fifteen cucumbers, I'd say its worth it for sure. Having herbs on hand when the neighbours need them is amazing for community friendships... so if you are thinking of it, do it... it's a bit of work, and rewards are a plenty.

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