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Creative Art for Therapy 

not an art lesson,

a discovery of self and soul.


Creative Art Therapy is a expressive exploration and discovery of your self and your soul, creativity is a powerful tool for mental well-being.  Each session is customised for an individual or group settings and are sensitive to any specific requirements. We can make they as serious as you need them to be. 

Did you know you are born with the ability to express yourself when words are just not enough and... 

Art is a way to fit the pieces together to find that exact expression. 

The expressive art you create can help answer questions that you may be struggling with; by connecting the mind, heart and body together towards wholeness and well-being.

Together we can uncover strengths, recognise programmed behaviour, understand our reactions to things as well as help you make any changes you need in your life and have some fun along the way.

EVERYONE can benefit from Art - NO artistic skill required.

Bookings can be made via email or call to book, let's get your experience started!

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Expressive Art is?

Expressive Art is a modality that uses the nonverbal language of art for personal growth, insight and transformation and is a way of connecting what is inside us (our thoughts feelings and perceptions) with our outer realities and life experiences.  It is based on the belief that images can help us understand who we are and enhance life though self-expression and is great for our mental health. 

Did you know creative expression has been found to improve your health including connection to physical, emotional and cognitive functioning as well as increasing the overall quality of life, meaning and an insight of oneself. It's amazing!


Using a mixture of creative activities such as drawing, painting, collage, colouringsculpting and movement to help express and examine the psychological and emotional undertones within our art creation.

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Where creative energy and expression comes from within through...


Drawing / Painting

You don't need to be creative to draw how you are feeling, to explore what words cannot express.

Painting can help uncover unconscious thoughts helping to heal.


Collage / Sculpture

Collage is fun and playful. It's amazing what the mind chooses for us to include.

Clay /sculpture work can is beneficial to connecting with our inner thoughts and feelings.


Team Building

Expressive Art produces amazing results in a work environments helping participants to enhancing the team dynamics, appreciate others and show how we can work with others who may think differently to us.


Workshops offer businesses a great way to connect with their staff to increase creativity and wellbeing within the workplace. 

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